These Are The Most Expensive Horses In The World !!! OOOH NO

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Look around you horses cannot compete with cars in speed but to compete with luxury cars in price that they can do, today the price for a single thoroughbred horse can reach upwards into the millions of dollars. The most expensive horses around the world.

5- Green monkey

At an auction in 2006 was sold for 16 million dollars that number is hard to believe but this thoroughbred Colt sold for that amount before he even reached racing age his top dollar price was due to his bloodline green monkey is a descendant of prolific racehorse Northern Dancer in other words his owners were basing his probable success on the track off of his family lineage alone and as is often the case he never ended up doing well in his races and after only three starts he was retired to stud fourth place tortillas a stunning black stallion with four white socks and a blaze is hands down the best dressage horse that has ever existed.

4- Morland status

Was sold for 21 million back in 2011 in fact he and his riders scored higher in dressage competitions than any other horse has ever managed in the sport unfortunately as he grew older he started to have problems with a lot of different injuries and was eventually retired to stud.

3- The Emir of Dubai

paid 40 million for the stallion of the English race breed Sharif dancer in 1983 having an impeccable exterior this horse was further distinguished by unusual race data having won many competitions he won the hearts of many racing enthusiasts Sharif dancer was supposed to be a first-class pedigree stallion in principle his career was extremely successful and profitable the total income of the descendants of the winners including the Dubai millennium exceeds two million dollars.

2- Seiichi Pegasus

a buyer from Japan through South Sekiguchi in 1997 acquired a stallion for four million dollars and gave him the name through Seiichi Pegasus in 2015 she pay gaseous won the Kentucky Derby and by the end of his career had nine starts six wins and two losses his total winnings were 1.9 million dollars having left the races Fushigi Pegasus became the most sought-after pedigree stallion since sharif dancer then in 2000 the irish cool more stud the largest company in the world engaged in breeding thoroughbred stallions acquired through sight sheet at a price of seventy million dollars.

1- Frankel

Born in 2008 is a retired champion British thoroughbred racehorse Frankl was unbeaten in his 14 race career and was the highest rated racehorse in the world from may 2011 the stallion is estimated by experts to be worth 130 one point six million dollars nowadays Frankel does not participate in races and is the father of mini thoroughbred fouls his descendants are in great demand Frankel’s owner the Saudi Prince Khalid Abdullah will not even think of parting with such a treasure and this is not surprising after all for one case with this miracle horse he is paid 125 thousand.