These Are The 7 Places You Should Never Ever Swim in

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Novelo presents here are the top 7 places you should never ever swim when the weather heats up outside many people love to go swimming some people prefer swimming in a pool others prefer swimming in a lake or the ocean, before you head out swimming this year though you should understand that not every body of water is safe for swimming.

1- The boiling Lake

This Lake is located in Dominica and it is a hazardous place to swim under the surface of the water is scolding hot magma which brings the temperature of the water to its boiling point getting into this water will result in death.

2- Jacob’s Well

Jacob’s Well is located in south-central Texas the lake is so crystal clear that you can see right to the bottom beneath the lake is a system of tunnels and cavesand people love to explore the tunnels but that can be dangerous navigating through the tunnels is not easy and you can get lost very easily and then drown.

3- The Nile River

The Nile River is the last place you want to swim it’s full of alligators and there are about a hundred attacks each year there are also sharks in the Nile River and there are 16 shark attacks every year it’s a river that you should never ever swim in and a copy

 4- Hanakapiai Reach

A copy I Beach is located in Hawaii and I’m probably butchering the name of that anyway it’s one of the most dangerous beaches in the United States you need to stay away from it the currents are hidden under the waves and they can be deadly what’s your drag down away from the shore you might never make it back bubbly Creek

5- Bubbly Creek

Is an area of The Chicago River that you should never swim in the run off from the lake makes its way to the river and it contains discarded meat fecal matter and other really nasty things as these things decay it results in bubbly water and that water is so toxic fish and other animals can’t live in the river meaning is probably not safe for you to swim in it summation whole

6- Samsean Hole

Thailand is a great vacation spot the beaches are gorgeous the food is fantastic and the scenery is beautiful I also hear the people are incredible there is a place in the water called the salmon hole and it is the deepest dive point in Thailand and it can be extremely dangerous it’s easy to get lost down there because there is zero visibility to get confused it could be Deadly

7- Lake Karachay

Lake Karachay is located in central Russia it’s also one of the most polluted lakes on the planet the Russian government intentionally polluted the water.