That’s Why You Shouldn’t have a Free Time

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You, as a human, in life, is made of time We say that a person lived 60, 70, or 80 years We never said this person’s height was 180 cm Or that his weight was 70 kg Or his weight was 100 kg. and that’s why you shouldn’t have a free time

Our lives are measured by time, not weight Not by sizes Not by positions Eventually, you are just some time You are just an hour hand in the end You are just days and nights that ended. This is not a bad thing On the contrary, it is great!

A huge difference between the time of a person waiting to travel on a trip, And a person waiting for surgery. Both are time. There’s a difference between a person waiting for the coming of a child and a person waiting for a dead person that is being prepared for burial Time moves in both situations Meaning that there is a difference between a man waiting for something happy And a person waiting for something bad There’s a difference between both But time moves on both Both have their days passing Okay

Since time is moving, we want to expect happiness from it, how can we expect happiness?

I will tell you Allah said “Indeed, mankind is in loss”

How “inside the loss”?

That every day passes in your life gets you closer to the judgment day. This is scary? no, it is not scary Getting closer to the judgment day, what does that mean? As for Bilal…

What did he say when he got closer to the judgment day?

He said in hadith sahih “Tomorrow we meet the dear ones Muhammed and his companions” It is just like a person abroad traveling back home How great it is when he meets the mother and the father… And his children and his wife waiting for him.. And his friends are waiting too

This is person who showed happiness, he is going to another place The closer the Muslim gets to the judgment day

The closer he gets to meet the prophet and his companions And gets closer to seeing heaven… To see Abu-Baker and Omar And Uthman, Ali, and Sa’ad And Fatima and Ayisha, the prophet’s wife And Khadiga

Another person is like a criminal being deported to his country the police and the cuffs are waiting for him

Which would you choose? We want the first one Like Bilal did.. What did he say?

Bilal said in hadith sahih: “Tomorrow we meet the dear ones Muhammed and his companions” Why did he say so?

Because he invested in his time “Subhan Allah, Alhamdullilah La ilah illa Allah” for a plant in heaven He invested his time with repeating Surah Al-Ikhlas 10 times to get a house in heaven He invested his time in “There is no power but from Allah” for a treasure in heaven

He invested his time in “Alhamdullilah” that rewards him for the amount of the space between earth and the skies

He invested his time in that you get 10 good deeds for each letter from the Quran

Since I invested my time, I now have a huge credit with Allah So, I am leaving to my credits, to my heaven To my peace of mind Many people wrongly invest their time Wasting it on long nights of useless things Or by sleeping senselessly Or with a group of friends..

I learned a rule from a good person… When I complained to him about the pressure of time, He told me that, don’t sit in a gathering of no benefit for your religion or life For your religion, where you learn something for your afterlife And something of righteousness For your life, when there’s a profit Or something good for your kids A night with your kids, wife or relatives. That’s Why You Shouldn’t have a Free Time

These are beneficial for both your religion and life. 90% of people’s gatherings are neither for religion, not life Either talking about football or the elections… Neither for religion not for life.

Don’t sit in a gathering that doesn’t benefit either your religion or life. I swear, you who is hearing me You will stop going to at least 50% of our gatherings Because they are useless, just laughs and gossip What did you benefit out from them? Nothing What did you learn? Nothing !! What did you benefit for your afterlife? Nothing !! What did you benefit from your life? Nothing! What did you do? nothing!

You invested wrongly Many of our gatherings, more than 3 or 4 hours When you go home after spending 3 or 4 hours Ask yourself something.. What did I benefit from my religion or life?

I swear, the answer will be “nothing!” Meaning that this time is lost As if you wasted it for nothing You did nothing but lose hours Times that are gone Minutes that are wasted without any benefit!

A wrong investment Like this who wanted to cheer up the people that fast or pray, so he gave them bottles of Alcohol This doesn’t work! It doesn’t add up! A wrong investment and That’s Why You Shouldn’t have a Free Time

And many people wrongly invest their time The problem is, if a person loses a million dollars, he can replace them, But if you lost one second… You can never replace it

That’s why, material losses can be replaced, But time losses can’t be replaced. I stayed for a while in Britain, and when I first got there The teacher started asking each student “What is your plan for the weekend?”

Nine answered.. The last one didn’t answer Each one of them had a plan Except for me, the Arab guy, I didn’t have a plan I said “I don’t know” Once I said this, you can’t imagine…

I swear, if someone said something of heresy They wouldn’t have criticized them as much How is it that you have Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.. Without having a plan for this free time?

Brothers, this really shocked me What is your plan for the weekend? You, who are hearing from me now… What are your plans for the weekend? If by the end of the week, you don’t have a plan A lifetime without a plan

A lifetime without planning to guide a person to go to a mosque?

A lifetime without planning to guide a girl to wear hijab?

A lifetime without planning to guide someone to the religion of Allah? Or to return to Allah?

A lifetime without a plan?

A lot of time is wasted I swear, we waste too much time A huge amount of time A collective of many hours is being wasted All for nothing On watching a football match, okay, sports are good sports is good.

But, a huge amount of time an hour and a half wasted in front of the TV. The idea is, how much are we wasting time? That is not in exercising for the bodyNot ideas for the mind not it reminds us of our afterlife not it is for guidance and advice for those around us not even for our children to go out and play nothing!

I don’t say that you should stay in the mosque, don’t misunderstand meI don’t ask you to stay in the mosqueI’m reminding you of your time to be either for your afterlife, to pray and ask for forgiveness for your friends, to be in advice and good talk Or for your kids, to get closer and guide them and for a family time

So, get good use of your time not all for QuranBut always think about the time being wasted what am I using it for? What do I benefit from it? What did I get in return for this time? Or are they just days that are gone?

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