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That’s All What You Need to Know About Kitten Vaccination

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Jean – Veterinary Nurse

I’m Jean. I’m a veterinary nurse for the Asda pet insurance Vettel plan. I’ve been a veteran for 15 years, and I’m here at to help you care for your pet. and That’s all that you need to know about kitten vaccination.


Getting started vaccination costs at nine weeks; this is one injection followed by a second injection at 12 weeks. The cat is own fully protected approximately 10 days after the second vaccination. In between this time, your cat mustn’t mix with any of the cats’ oven on vaccination status with absolute our cats by giving them a small dose of the disease that there may come in contact with this stimulates an immune response so that should the come in contact with the disease in later life they will be able to fight off any problems.

Some of the diseases that we vaccinate our cats against, having no known cure.

We vaccinate our caps against Panleukopenia that can cause bloody diarrhea a little bit like canine Parvovirus. We also vaccinate them against feline herpes virus and feline Calicivirus, which both cause cat flu caliche virus causes cat flu with horses that are within the mouth and on the tool which makes it very uncomfortable for the cat to eat; we also vaccinate our cats against Feline Leukemia is spread through fighting its spread in the saliva when the cat’s bitten by another cat or when they’re sharing cat balls.

Kettens must be well before vaccinations

your kitten needs to be well at the time vaccinations should it has been unwell in the fielder’s before you need to let your vet know and you may well decide to postpone vaccinations and it’ll it is completely recovered. If you’ve just got your kitten it’s important to give it a few days to settle in possibly up to a week so that any diseases it may be carrying have got chance to show themselves and it also allows the captain to settle into its new home so that its body will respond better to being vaccinated.

Following vaccination your kitten maybe a little bit quiet for the next 24 hours and sometimes you can see a little local the reaction at the site where it’s being injected this could be a small lump which should settle down over a few days.

Booster vaccination every 12 months

In the unlikely event of you kitten becoming them well following vaccination this is important that you contact your vet your kitten is going to need a booster vaccination every 12 months and at the same time it will also get a health check you.

Cat/Kitten vaccination

Your kitten mustn’t socialize with other cats of unknown vaccination status until approximately 10 days after the second vaccination. so That’s all that you need to know about kitten vaccination