Discover The Top 8 Best Fishings Places in The United States

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Welcome to novelo This time we will Discover The Top 8 Best Fishings Places in The United States we have many fishing places, but we choose 8 of them. You know too difficult, but we will do our best to give you the best of the best. So let’s Discover the top 8 best fishing places in the united states

Number 1 – Devils Lake, North Dakota.

This place is to good for feel natural beauty. If you want to calm nature with beauty, then sure to go to Devils Lake, North Dakota, then this place for becoming your first choice.

number 2 – Lake Austin, Texas
Lake Austin is one of the colorist places in texas. If you want another technique to use, it’s your choice, but you can enjoy catching fish in the green river.

Number 3 – Montauk, New York
Montauk, New York is way out at the Tiffany tip of Long Island all the way into the Atlantic Ocean Montauk is a crowded tourist place, and it is the best fishing place in new york.

Number 4 – Columbia river, Washington
Columbia River is the biggest river in the northwest, and its flow is heavy so you can find any fish in the river  you can also starting off with the spring salmon that comes up and late march through April and fish those around the Portland PDX area all the way down to the town of st.

Number 5 – Kobuk River, northwestern Alaska
If you’re not afraid to go north to catch fish, then go Kobuk river. Kobuk River is a river located in the Arctic region of North-Western Alaska in the United States it is approximately 280 miles long draining a basin with an area of twelve thousand three hundred square miles the co book river is among the largest rivers in Northwest Alaska

Number 6 – outer banks, North Carolina
if you want to go long-distance fishing destination then you can choose the outer banks in North Carolina.

Number 7 – lake mead, Nevada
Lake Mead, Nevada is a massive lake for fishing, and also you can enjoy here night fishing.

Number 8 – Shelbyville
Shelbyville is the best for summer fishing. You can find here flathead catfish, crappie, freshwater drum, walleye fish. finally, we discover the top 8 best fishings places in the United States. Thank you for reading