Discover the Things to do Outdoors!!

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today we’re going to explain things that the majority of people like to do in the woods. we get asked pretty often understand he does as well to people who don’t enjoy the outdoors that much who aren’t drawn to come outside to the forest and the I get asked the question a lot well, what do you do outside ? what do you do when you’re there all day ?

well there’s a whole lot to do but for me personally I like to entertain myself I don’t look for anyone or anything to entertain me.

Bringing out a hammock

So i’m constantly searching for hobbies, new things to do to keep me entertained and one of the great things I love doing is bringing out a hammock which I’m in right now hanging from putting that up and just as simple as taking a 15 minute nap swinging in the woods looking up at the canopy absolutely so incredibly comfortable peaceful such a great way to recharge the batteries sort of wash all the stress wash everything out of you just sort of connect with


I know that sort of seems maybe stereotypical response that you hear from people, but it really is true just hanging in a hammock swaying have a breeze underneath you listening to the sounds around you and nodding nodding off before you even know it so simply just hanging in a hammock I could do that all day number two another thing I like doing in the woods reading in a hammock any type of material I feel like I can focus a lot more my imagination is able to be more active when I’m in the woods when I’m in a hammock or sitting against a tree and I’m reading something my imagination is just way more active as I’m reading the text on the page and it’s I think just all-around mmm…


It’s more enjoyable to read into the forest the book I have is Frankenstein by Mary

Shelley it’s one of my all-time favourite books or some reason I just really really really liked the book it’s a classic you know classic and in later but brought that out with me love

reading that so I actually found this particular copy standing and are moving some stuff around some boxes found that one hard hard hard cover I don’t think it’s probably ever been cracked open until I did started reading at this time but nonetheless reading a book outdoors very very peaceful very enjoyable.

Writing down my thoughts

which I do all the time I actually write it down on a piece of paper notebook I don’t particularly like to type I want to computer that often so I really just like using a pen pencil when having a notebook that so I carry them with me pretty much anywhere I go don’t have to force myself to write anything that comes to me I feel like I’m writing don’t have to can doodle either way lying in a hammock enjoying the nice breeze being outside with the beautiful view writing down my thoughts is a really is a really good way to just you know get things out and to keep things it’s the word I’m looking for keep things in front of me, if I write down my thoughts is just to get it out get it down my head sort of a purge.

there it is over purge if you will because sometimes we just get wrapped up in my head thinking about all these different things all these things I have to do things I want to do things I haven’t done just writing down my thoughts and letting it just flow isjust you know a way nice way to purge that’s uh just some activities like doing in the woods something maybe you could try.