7 Dangerous Islands You Sould Never Ever Visit

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The islands are especially meant for summer vacations and holiday seasons some of them are beautiful destinations but there are a few islands which are extremely unpredictable in terms of threats and once trapped at these islands would certainly be impossible to escape check out these 7 most dangerous islands in the world.

7- Tristan da Cunha

The British island group of Tristan da Cunha stands profoundly alone in the South Atlantic it is the world’s most remote inhabited Island it is so precariously occupied that when a volcanic vent erupted.

The dangerous part of this island is still it’s active volcano Tristan da Cunha is an active stratovolcano formed above a hot magma hot spot some 400 kilometers east of the mid-atlantic ridge.

6- Farallon Islands

The real danger is when you won’t be able to punch in the nose the sea around the Farallon Islands off the coast of San Francisco was used as a dumping site for radioactive waste an estimated forty seven thousand five hundred 55-gallon steel drums were discarded here but their exact location and the risk they posed to the environment is unclear it is also believed that attempting to remove them would cause more damage than leaving them untouched.

5- Ramree Island

The island off the coast of Burma was a big part of world war two with some battles taking place within it in 1945 British soldiers drove Japanese fighters off the main part of the island into the dense mangrove forests what no one realized was that they are home to an unknown but large number of saltwater crocodiles which are known for being an animal most likely to eat a human according to historical interviews anywhere between 500 to 1,000 retreating Japanese soldiers were devoured by a large infestation of saltwater crocodiles as the troops entered the marshes and mangroves that surround ramree only around 20 of the men emerged to be captured by the pursuing forces the survivors immediately began spewing tales of reptilian monsters.

4- Reunion Island

West of the African island of Madagascar in the Indian Ocean sits Reunion Island a small yet busy island, that is covered by rainforest rivers and breathtaking waterfalls though it is over 5,500 miles away from France.

The island is still governed by French law and because it is less of a hassle than traveling to Island destinations where passports may be required it has become a popular destination for French citizens because of this it’s one of the most modern islands in terms of sanitation and transportation.

It could be easy to get carried away daydreaming about visiting Reunion Island, because of its beautiful villages and relative isolation from the outside world but tourists must be prepared for the terrifying realities of this local pristine first off it is home to one of the most active volcanoes in all of the world, which was a popular hiking destination for tourists until it was deemed too dangerous to traverse.

The island also has distinction of being one of the leading islands in terms of annual rainfall in the entire world and is often the victim of violent tropical cyclones lastly reunion is known for having one of the largest and most vicious population of sharks encircling it the shark attacks have become so bad that the French government has forbidden surfing around

3-  Hashima Island

Located 15 kilometers from Nagasaki. Is reputed to be a tourism heaven on earth however, it contains the graves of hundreds of Chinese Hashima island could once claim the title of the most densely populated spot on the planet the thousands of Japanese workers as well as forced laborers from China and Korea who toiled in the islands deep mine shafts during World War two are long gone at its peak more than 5,000 people worked and lived within the seawall that encircles the small island the mines were closed in 1974.

2- The Great Pacific Garbage Patch

one of the world’s largest collection of floating trash and for whatever reasons aside from human stupidity is the most famous it lies between Hawaii and California and is often described as being larger than Texas even though it contains not a square foot of surface on which to stand it also cannot be seen from space as is often claimed microplastics make up 94% of an estimated 1.8 trillion pieces of plastic in the patch but that only amounts to 8% of the total tonnage as it turns out of the 79 thousand metric tons of plastic in the patch most of it is abandoned fishing gear 46% of it an estimated 100,000 marine animals are strangled suffocated or injured by plastics every year.

1- Miyake Jima Japan

About 160 kilometers south of Tokyo is the town of Miyake Jima sitting at the base of the volcano that shares, its name this town is covered with a cloud of harmful sulfur dioxide gas spewed into the air by volcanic eruptions the area’s cold and heavy weather systems make it worse dealing with the sulfur dioxide constantly pumped into the air is one of the consequences for those living in Miyake Jima to live there you must carry a gas mask at all times if the air quality gets bad enough the town turns into a mass extraterrestrial looking crowd of people who look as though they are attending the same themed costume party the year 2000 was a particularly awful year on the island so bad that it was shut down and inhabitants had to be evacuated it’s timeless filled transports you back to ancient Spain.